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Members and guest are Welcome

Tournament schedule and results will be posted here.

(entry/draw and membership forms are below)



 Every Term Break  Tuesdays & Thursdays 9 to 1 /  cost: $30


7 - 8:30 pm  $15


6:30 - 8:30 pm  $10


7 - 8:30 pm  $15


All juniors of all abilities are encouraged and welcome to come.
Time: 4:30 to 6 pm Cost is just $10 for 1.5 hours.


JUNIORS MAY 18/19/20
Finals May 27th

Adult Open Singles Round Robin:  Friday, May 4th, 6:30 pm to completion. 

Format: Best of 5/no add/with a 5 point tiebreaker at 2 all. 
To see who goes into the Finals.  We will add the total amount of wins.  If there is a tie, the result of the match between the two players....games won. 2 out of 3 set final on May 21st.

Lewis Soloman

Jamie Warren

Boe Kraitzer

Paul Crawford

Paul Gibson

Daniel Kett

Andrew Trowbridge

Ben Ruttley

John Hoffman

 Jason Briggs

Martin Slade

Dave Hourigan

Open Adult Doubles    Sunday, May 6th, 9 am

Scoring 1 no add set, 7 pt. tiebreaker at 5 all.  Wins tallied, then points if there is a tie.

Nathan Luchowe / Jonathan Roennfeldt

Daniel Kett / Boe Kraitzer   

Paul Crawford / Jamie Warren

Martin Slade and Dave Hourigan 

Lewis Soloman and Ben Ruttley

Andrew Trowbridge and

Finals time TBA


Women’s Singles            Saturday, May 5th, noon start.

Best of 5/no add/with a 5 point tiebreaker at 2 all. To see who goes into the Finals.  We will add the total amount of wins. If there is a tie, the result of the match between the two players....games won

Deva Thera

Christian Connor

Rebecca Webster

Ala Burrows

Jane Gabb

Hayley Trowbridge

Mardi Blanch

Zara O’Dwyer


Women’s Doubles Sunday, May 6th, 4 pm start.  One no add set.

Christina and Deva Thera

Julie Rutledge and Leonie Matos

Hayley Trowbridge and Rebecca Webster

Robin Kraitzer and Jane Gabb

Zara O'Dwyer and Judy

Mixed Doubles:

Wed.  May 9th 7 pm to finish.

Best of 5 no add games.  2 games all, play a 5 point tiebreaker.

Paul Crawford Christina Connor

Derek and Ala Burrows

John and Rebecca Webster

Boe and Robin Kraitzer

Jamie Warner and Leonie Matos

Paul Gibson and Jane Gabb

Noah and Hayley Trowbridge

Daniel Kett and Julie Rutledge


Senior Doubles round robin: 

Friday, May 4th, 9 to noon.

Round Robin, no add set.

2018 Junior Championships

May 18/19/20

Friday, May 18th 

4 pm to 6:30 Boys Adv. U12 Singles 3 courts. 1st to 4 games/add

Thomas Hendriks

Tawan Dow

Darcy Morris

Thai Schrader 

Jai Owen 

Aydin Hope

Nathan Connor



Friday  4:30 to 6:30 pm.  Girls U15 Doubles    1 court

2 courts, 6/no add games in total. If 3 all a 5pt. tiebreaker.

Macey Charles and Lily Amos

Eloise Amos and   Lilly Webster

Rachel Brown and Rianna Brown

Sophie Windever and Ava Cobett

Carolynn Durand and Selena Holt

Jayda Giner and Torhi Schradder

Ruby Cooke

 Friday 6:30 to 8:30 pm   Boys U10 Singles  4 courts, orange ball,  1st to 5 points.  Wins added

Jack Smith

Blake Powick

Ryder Griffith

Taj Moore

Oliver Todd

Ackshea Thera

Jemeson McGeachie

Ace Sullivan

Teddington Beckett


Saturday, May 19

11 am Tiny Tots: Chad and Perry, Isabella/ Mac Trowbridge/ Amara Owens/ Stewart / Lilly Hope/Taylor Hope Lisa and Harry Laghlan Stewart  8/ Ava Hendriks, Oakley McGeachieWright/ Sunshine West/ Diya Thera,/ Millie W. Adisyn Benton, Caleb Sheather,

12:30 – 2:30 pm   Hot Shots Girl Singles (orange ball) 4 COURTS

Maya Burrows

Ava Corbett

Charlie Benton

Amy Webster

Mia Emma Lee

Sophie Weindever

Lara Weindever

Torhi Schrader


Alera Lee

Tayah McVitte

Tiarna Smith



2:30 to 4:30 pm Boys Intermediate Singles

4:30 pm – 6 pm all courts took 2.5 hrs 8 players 1st to 5/4 courts

Mayson McInnes

Liam Kraitzer

Shayden Moore

Hayden Ellison

Zane Pitt

Paul Dougherty

Jared Parcy


4:30 pm-6:30  U12 Adv. Boys Doubles  1 Pro Set to 8 games.  7pt.s tie breaker at 7 all.   We will tally the wins 1st.

Thomas Hendriks and Thai Schrader

Tawan Dow and Jai Owen

Darcy Morris and Aydin



12:30 – 2pm Adv. Girls U12 Singles  4 courts (orange ball)

Keeley Smith 

Torhi Schradder

Amy Webster

Jeyda Giner 

Rianna Brown

Maya Burrows

Ava Corbett

Mia Corkery

Tiarna Smith



2pm Girl’s Advanced Singles

Ruby Cooke 

Macey Charles 

Rachel Brown  

Lily Amos 

Eloise Amos 

Selene Holt

Carolynn Durand 

Lilly Webster


4pm Boys Advanced U18  Singles

Daniel Sinclair 

Jesse Killeen 

Jacob Cook 

Thomas Hendriks?



3 pm Boys Int. U16 Doubles: 2 courts

Mayson McInnes and

Liam Kraitzer 14 Jared P.

Shayden Moore 15 and Hayden Ellison 15

Zane Pitt 13 and

Paul Dougherty

Advanced Junior Doubles 


Documents ya need to look at:
1.  Championship entry form for 2018.  

2.  Membership form for 2018

https://keena.usptapro.com/files/AF1/membership form_ 2018.doc

3. Tennis NSW various tournament information:

Easter Egg Hunt Saturday for Jr. Round Robin, Friday, March 30th, 4:30 to 6.

2018 CBTC Championships in May

Junior Christmas Party, Saturday Round Robin, Dec. 16th, 3 to 5 pm

Adult Tue. Round Robin comp Christmas Party Dec. 19th.  6:30 to 9 pm :)

2019 Sydney International, Olympic Park Tennis Tournament Monday Day Jan. 7th.


Scoring to see who comes out on top :)

A match won = 1 point

1. Main Draw Singles matches will be played as??the best of three (3) short sets (first to 4 games) with a short tiebreak (first to five (5) points, sudden death at four (4) points all) played at three (3) games all.

2. For consolation singles events or if a Doubles event is played, matches will be played as the best of two (2) short sets (first to four (4) games) with a short tiebreak (first to five (5) points, sudden death at four (4) points all) played at three (3) games all. If sets are even at the conclusion of the second set, a Match-tiebreak (first to ten (10) with an advantage of two (2) points) will be played to determine the outcome of the Rubber.

3. A short tiebreak is a tiebreak played as the first to five (5) points, sudden death at 4-4. The player whose turn it is to serve at the commencement of the tiebreak (Player A) will serve two (2) points. The opposing player (Player B) will then serve two (2) points. Player A (or teammate of Player A in doubles) will then serve two (2) points. Player B (or teammate of Player B in doubles) will then serve the following two (2) points. If the score reaches 4-4, Player B (or the teammate of Player B in doubles) will serve the final point of the tiebreak with Player A choosing which side the ball will be served. Players will change ends only after the first four (4) points have been played.

4. All singles and doubles matches will be played using no-advantage scoring, with the receiver choosing the service side when the game reaches deuce. 

5. No service lets will be played, meaning if the ball hits the net cord on a serve and lands (bounces) within the correct service box, the play will continue. In doubles, if the ball hits the net cord on the serve and lands(bounces) within the correct service box, either player can return the ball (e.g.; the ball hits the net cord and drops over the net, the non-receiver can move across and return the serve). 

6. When the players change ends at the end of a game and during a tiebreak game, play shall be continuous and the players shall change ends with players having to be ready to play within 60 seconds of the previous games completion. Players are not permitted to sit down during the change of ends during a set.

7. At the end of each set, there shall be a set break of a maximum of ninety (90) seconds (Set Break). The Set Break maximum time starts from the moment that one point finishes until the first service is struck for the next point. Players are permitted to sit down at the end of a set.

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