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CBTC on going activities.  GIVE IT A GO!

Mondays 8 to 10am

Men’s Doubles

Tuesdays 9 to noon

Ladies Round Robin running during school terms

Tuesdays 6:30 to 8 pm  Int/Adv. Round Robin

Adult Round Robin(year around) $10

Thursday FAST 4Adult 7 to 8:30

Runs each term for 6 wks. $60 Team of 3

Fridays Gentlemen’s RR. 8:30 to noon

Senior Doubles

Fridays Junior Hot Shot Comp 4:30 to 6

6 wk. 4 teams of 3 .  $60 per term comp.

Saturdays Junior Round Robin 3 to 5

Every ability welcome! $10

 Mid Week FUN Boost!

Short - but - SWEET

Nov. 15 to Dec. 6th

7 to 9pm

 Play 1 Mixed Doubles match and one Men/Ladies Doubles. 

 Four no add sets in total ea. week.

 7pt. tiebreaker in place of the 3rd set.

Cost:  $40 per player

light snacks and drinks provided


Every Term Break  Tuesday’s & Thursdays 9 to 1      cost: $30

 Saturday Junior Round Robin  
All juniors of all abilities are encouraged and welcome to come.
Cost is just $10 for 2 hours.

FAST 4 and how it works / every Thurs. and Friday.

Singles: 3 vs. 3   Doubles:   1 & 2 vs. 1 & 2

Singles: 2 vs. 2    Doubles:   1 & 3 vs. 1 & 3

Singles: 1 vs. 1    Doubles:   2 & 3 vs. 2 & 3

Round 1 and Round 4

TEAM 2 vs. TEAM 1  

TEAM 3 vs. TEAM 4

Round 2 and Round 5

TEAM 4 vs. TEAM 2

TEAM 1 vs. TEAM 3

  Round 3 and  Round 6

TEAM 4 vs. TEAM 1

TEAM 2 vs. TEAM 3

Scoring to see who comes out on top;

A match won = 1 point

1. Main Draw Singles matches will be played as the best of three (3) short sets (first to 4 games) with a short tiebreak (first to five (5) points, sudden death at four (4) points all) played at three (3) games all.

2. For consolation singles events or if a Doubles event is played, matches will be played as the best of two (2) short sets (first to four (4) games) with a short tiebreak (first to five (5) points, sudden death at four (4) points all) played at three (3) games all. If sets are even at the conclusion of the second set, a Match-tiebreak (first to ten (10) with an advantage of two (2) points) will be played to determine the outcome of the Rubber.

3. A short tiebreak is a tiebreak played as the first to five (5) points, sudden death at 4-4. The player whose turn it is to serve at the commencement of the tiebreak (Player A) will serve two (2) points. The opposing player (Player B) will then serve two (2) points. Player A (or teammate of Player A in doubles) will then serve two (2) points. Player B (or teammate of Player B in doubles) will then serve the following two (2) points. If the score reaches 4-4, Player B (or the teammate of Player B in doubles) will serve the final point of the tiebreak with Player A choosing which side the ball will be served. Players will change ends only after the first four (4) points have been played.

4. All singles and doubles matches will be played using no-advantage scoring, with the receiver choosing the service side when the game reaches deuce.

5. No service lets will be played, meaning if the ball hits the net cord on a serve and lands (bounces) within the correct service box, the play will continue. In doubles, if the ball hits the net cord on the serve and lands(bounces) within the correct service box, either player can return the ball (e.g.; the ball hits the net cord and drops over the net, the non-receiver can move across and return the serve).

6. When the players change ends at the end of a game and during a tiebreak game, play shall be continuous and the players shall change ends with players having to be ready to play within 60 seconds of the previous games completion. Players are not permitted to sit down during the change of ends during a set.

7. At the end of each set, there shall be a set break of a maximum of ninety (90) seconds (Set Break). The Set Break maximum time starts from the moment that one point finishes until the first service is struck for the next point. Players are permitted to sit down at the end of a set.

2018 ADULT AND JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS  (: go to the "News" page for the draw :)

Documents ya need to look at :)
1.  Championship entry form for 2018.  Tournament begins in May :)http://keena.usptapro.com/files/AF2/CBTCChamp_2017_entryform.docx

2.  Membership form for 2018
Supporting this Club along with discounted court hire and Insurance :)

Tennis NSW various tournament information:

2018 Apia International, Olympic Park Tennis Tournament Monday Day Jan. 9th.  

On January 9th I am taking a train from Wyong to Sydney Olympic Park to enjoy a day of watching matches at the Apia International Tennis Tournament. You are invited to come along.

We have been talking about this day for awhile now - and I am so excited to be once again going.  Think it's my 10th year now.

If I can get 10 commitments from you regarding stadium tickets, we will get a discount.  $21.  If not,  you can purchase online a general ground pass for an adult $15, children  $5(3 to 16). 
 Please confirm by Thursday, Jan. 7th.    If you're coming by train with us.

Looking forward to spending a day with you watching some great matches.

Please call if you have any questions. 

With an ace on the line in mind,



Type in your own train...:  http://tp.transportnsw.info/nsw/XSLT_TRIP_REQUEST

 This is a GREAT day  - so don't you dare miss out!

Easter Egg Hunt Saturday for Jr. Round Robin, April 15th, 3 to 5.

Junior Christmas Party, Saturday Round Robin, Dec. 16th, 3 to 5.

Adult Tue. Round Robin comp Christmas Party Dec. 19th.  6:30 to 9 :)

2018 Apia International, Olympic Park Tennis Tournament Monday Day Jan. 8th.


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